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Ceremonies and Blessings


Mayan Wedding Ceremony

The Maya Wedding

it is a wonderful ceremony,

Directed by a native Mayan person, heir of the original prayers and traditions, the Mayan Wedding takes place in the traditional way, by the Mayan Shaman



Spiritual Mystic Wedding Ceremony

The Mystical Spiritual Wedding

It is based on the Native traditions of America and may also include some adaptations that the bride and groom wish. It is a very emotional and profound ceremony that reaches inside the heart of the couple and guests.


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Temazcal Ceremony

The womb of our Mother Earth receives us with all its Love, its embrace, its medicine, its apapacho and all the blessings

Celebration and purification time.

We welcome you to this beautiful place,

where we offer this ancestral Ceremony of blessing and purification.


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Experiences in the Mayan Community

We invite you to participate and to know this beautiful Mayan land and its wonderful people.

Learn Mayan cuisine, walks in the jungle, lagoons and cenotes, adventure and culture, Mayan massage, and other possibilities,

very welcome