Spiritual Mystic Wedding Ceremony

Eventos Luz offers a spiritual ceremony of union of the couple, before the Creator of the Universe asking for the blessing of the Higher Beings, the seven directions and the four elements, the union that will establish the couple will be one of love, honesty, respect and mutual support.

The Spiritual Mystical Wedding is based on the Native traditions of America, and may also include some adaptations that the couple wish. It is a very emotional and profound ceremony that reaches inside the hearts of the couple and their guests.


As the bride and groom arrive in front of the altar, the shaman will welcome you and present the purpose of the ceremony.

As the shaman touches the conch shell and drum, the four directions - East, West, North, and South - the heart of Heaven and the Higher Beings, the heart of Mother Earth and everything in it, as well as the couple’s Own Heart - the center of Love – will be asked for their permission and blessing.

In this way, a central point of attention and relationship is established regarding the purpose of the ceremony, the spiritual union of the couple.

The couple is then covered with a blanket and a tie will be made with 7 ribbons, one for each color of the rainbow.

The blanket symbolizes the Universe that covers them and the ribbons represent the seven rays of Light.

During this union you will be blessed with the four elements.

They will be given and sprinkled with corn and grains symbolizing Mother Earth, with all its blessings of abundance and food.

They will be blessed with water and flowers praying for their relationship and feelings,

with the smoke of the copal representing the air and its good thoughts.

Finally, they will be blessed by the Spirit of Fire to receive all the positive and creative energy in their union.

If you are near the sea or in a natural environment, you can make an offering of flowers.


The ceremonies last approximately 30 to 45 minutes.

The music in the ceremonies are composed of a variety of songs, using the conch shell, the drum, and other traditional instruments.

In the Mystic Wedding you can include other movements and elements, such as exchange rings, vows, and whatever your inspiration. All at the request of the couple. It is recommended to the bride and groom to bring the blanket with which they will be covered in the ceremony and other items which they wish to include.


To perform the ceremony we bring the mystical altar of the four elements and all the required material 


Music is performed using traditional instruments, drums, seashells, and chants. 

An exchange of rings and/or vows can also be included.


At the end of the ceremony we give a commemorative document.


Greetings and blessings 


We perform our wedding ceremonies in the place of your choice in the Riviera Maya, Cancun and even on Holbox Island, as well as in the hotel where you are staying. 

We can also propose a beautiful space  in a Cenote near Playa del Carmen, or in the Maya Community of Tres Reyes.