Mayan Wedding Ceremony

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The Mayan Wedding Ceremony


It is a wonderful original ceremony.

The Mayan Shaman will pray, asking the Great God Hunab Ku

and to the directions of the Universe,

all the blessings for your union


Directed by the Mayan grandfather Don Crisanto, heir to the original prayers and traditions, the Mayan Wedding is carried out in the traditional way, by the Shaman Maya, where prayers are made in the Mayan language, with an explanation (Spanish, English, or Italian) and participation by us.


Mayan Wedding Ceremony


The Mayan Wedding is directed by a Mayan Shaman, who has inherited the ancient traditions. The Mayan Wedding is performed following these ancient traditions and prayers are done in the native Mayan language (We also participate in the ceremony by providing explanations in English, Spanish, or Italian)


The groom and the bride are welcomed by the sound of musical instruments, chants, and by the sacred copal (incense). 

They walk to the altar and Mayan prayers start. Seashells are played to ask for permission, awareness, and blessings to the four cardinal points. 

The couple is then introduced. 

They receive a cleansing of energies to leave behind the past and begin a new cycle in harmony

With the purpose of nourishing the soul, the sacred drink “balche” is shared. 

The groom and the bride offer to each other maize and cocoa beans with the intention of creating a beautiful relation. 

A flower is approached to their forehead, for good thoughts, to their heart, for all the love, and to the back of their neck, to always take care of each other. 

Symbolically a tree is planted and they leave that flower there and water the tree, so the couple always remembers to nourish their love and relationship. 

Also, the couple is blessed with the sacred copal smoke and bracelets are exchanged, representing the love that brings the couple together. 

After this, the couple will be surrounded by a red rope, and then blessed with prayers and with white and yellow petals. 

These petals represent the sun and the moon, the man and the woman, and it symbolizes their lifes been brought together.

The Shaman invites the parents or closest guests to approach the groom and the bride and gives them the sacred copal to pray and offer their warmest wishes to the new couple. 

To conclude the ceremony, the couple offers some flowers to the sea or to the nature, joined by music, chants, and the sound of seashells.


To perform the ceremony we bring the mayan altar and all the required material


The ceremony lasts approximately 45 minutes.


Music is performed using traditional instruments, drums, seashells, and chants.


An exchange of rings and/or vows can also be included.


At the end of the ceremony we give a commemorative document.


Greetings and blessings 



We perform our wedding ceremonies in the place of your choice in the Riviera Maya, Cancun and even on Holbox Island, as well as in the hotel where you are staying. 

We can also propose a beautiful space  in a Cenote near Playa del Carmen, or in the Maya Community of Tres Reyes.