Temazcal Ceremony in the Mayan Community of Tres Reyes


We welcome you to this beautiful place, in the Mayan land,

where we offer this ancestral Ceremony of blessing and purification, for groups that request it, previous confirmation.

The womb of our Mother Earth receives us with all her medicine, all the blessings ...


The Temazcal is a steam bath used since time immemorial, where we meet again.

The Temazcal ceremony lasts approximately between an hour and a half to two hours, consists of four times or four doors, which are dedicated to the four elements, Mother Earth, and the healing and detoxification of our physical body, Water, feelings and emotions , Air, our mind and inspiration, and Fire, our strength and Light.

Celebration and purification time.

Bring towel and bathing suit and or sarong 



800 pesos per person, from four people, or the minimum of  3200 pesos if you  are less.

Includes fresh water and fruits

There is also space for camping, two cabins, bathrooms and showers.

Possibility of walks, cenotes, lagoons and other activities.

Camp, Temazcal and activities for children, accompanied by their parents.


Prior appointment and agreement.

For all our relationships



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