Thank you very much for your request, we are happy to be at your service to perform out the Mayan Wedding and Mystical Wedding ceremonies that we are carrying out, and which are also blessings to celebrate anniversaries or renewal of vows.


Normally we perform Wedding ceremonies at the hotel where you are staying or at the place of your choice in the Riviera Maya. We can also propose a beautiful space in a cenote near Playa del Carmen.

Being spiritual Ceremonies you do not need any legal requirements, simply the love and the conscience and purpose to celebrate their union.


Here we attach a description of the ceremonies as well as the information they request.


Maya Wedding Description:


Mystic Wedding Description:


The price of the ceremonies in the Riviera Maya and Cancun is 7500 pesos for the Mystic Wedding and 8800 pesos for the Mayan Wedding.

To reserve the date we propose to leave 2000 pesos in advance.


Some locations that are proposed have an extra cost in terms of the use of their spaces.


Here we send you the information, costs and photos of the places we propose.


The cenote that we propose to carry out the ceremonies is the Cenote Azul that is in front of the Barcelo hotel, about 20 minutes from Playa del Carmen, in the direction of Tulum, it is a wonderful space for intimate weddings or small groups.

Here the place requests the contribution of 4200 pesos for two hours of the use of its space privately. This rate includes only the couple and 4 guests, the other guests must pay 250 pesos per person.


And we can also propose to carry out their ceremony in the place where we live , in the Mayan community of Tres Reyes,, here the amount of 1500 pesos is requested, for the use of the space, We can prepare traditional Mayan food additionally, if you wish and we can also perform the Temazcal Ceremony.


You can see our location and information in this link: Maya Tres Reyes Community Map

In this way, we remain in communication for all the information you need and wishing you a very beautiful day.


Greetings and blessings


Eventos Luz

Juan Bom y Laura Cardenas